• Honda Plans to Begin Sales of BENLY e: Series of Business-use Electric Scooters in Japan from April 2020

  • Honda today announced plans to begin sales of BENLY e: Series business-use electric scooter models to corporate customers in Japan from April 2020. Developed with the concept of a “Business e: scooter perfect for everyday delivery services,” BENLY e: Series is equipped with a compact EV system that fits inside an easy-to-handle body size required for scooters used for various types of delivery services in Japan. BENLY e: models were developed as business-use electric scooters while giving consideration to user-friendliness in use for various pick-up/delivery services such as newspaper and package delivery services. 

    BENLY e: models are powered by two units of the Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP) detachable and easily-swappable battery. In addition to outstanding environmental performance, which can be achieved only by clean and quiet electric mobility products which emit no CO2 in use, BENLY e: models demonstrate powerful and smooth starting and hill climbing performance even when carrying cargo by leveraging the unique characteristics of their motor which generates ample torque even from a low rev range. All BENLY e: models feature a meter panel which displays various information about the EV system in an easy-to-understand manner.

    In addition to the speedometer and a clock, the meter panel has settings to display the remaining battery level of MPPs, the reverse indicator which comes on when the scooter is put into reverse and the side stand indicator which comes on when the side stand is in use. BENLY e: models feature a large and flat rear deck which makes it easier for users to load items they will deliver, and a reverse assist function was adopted to increase user convenience in case the scooter needs to be turned around to face in the opposite direction in a narrow space or on an inclined surface. Price starts from (all Inclusive) 737,000 yen ($6721).

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