• Honda 1+, a renewable energy-powered bike will deliver water to the masses

  • Honda+1_bike.jpg
    Not everyone in the world has access to clean drinkable water. Around 42 thousand people die every week from water-borne diseases alone. Designer Fernando Ocana came up with a design that addresses the water woes faced by millions of people today, with Honda 1+ motorcycle design. This renewable energy-powered vehicle uses tyre-less wheels that can be wrapped with waste rubber materials and the like. Using an in-wheel electric engine and batteries that charge up using renewable energy, the 1+ sports enough place to carry three jerrycans full of water around without too much of a hassle. Using low-cost long-lasting materials to build, this medium of transportation could very well serve to bring water to far-flung areas in an environment-friendly way.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 17, 2012