• Going Green now comes with an official privilege!

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    Lots has been spoken and written about the green, eco-sensitive and hybrid vehicles. Even if you do support this concept and do own a hybrid automobile, how will the world know? Simple! ‘Show and Tell’ is the mantra of the 21st Century people. The Canadian province of Ontario had come up with a unique competition to design green license plates was held. The winning entry was selected as the official green license plate that will be effective in the country soon. The winning entry uses a green color scheme and depicts the province’s official flower, the trillium. They government aims at promoting this by granting several privileges for any electric car sporting this license plate by 2010. The will allow users to drive in car pool lanes until 2015 even if only one person is in the car and use priority parking spots at select locations. Isn’t that tempting guys?!


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 2, 2009