• Germany launches first ever fuel cell car sharing program

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    Sustainable transport couldn’t have a greater superlative than this. While fuel cell cars are what eco-driving will be in the future, the idea of creating a platform to share these wonderfully non-polluting machines makes perfect sense. Germany’s industrial gases giant, Linde, has launched BeeZero, a car-sharing service that will create a pooling service with Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell cars. The idea of this is no coincidence in a land where hydrogen research and technology is always in focus. Users can reserve their rides by pre-booking it via a smartphone app. Linde go a step forward and ensure that the hydrogen gas used to power the cars is created from sustainable sources making the experience a truly eco-conscious effort for all.

    About 50 Tucsons will ply under the BeeZero platform. Users can access the cars on-demand and commute to work and back with the power of assurance of 0-emmision driving. The cars are capable of travelling 370 miles on a single full tank of H2, beating the range of most electrically-powered cars.
    [ Via : Autoblog ]

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