• Fully electric bus Solo EV launched by Optare

  • Sol_EV.png
    Cars, bikes, trucks and now electric buses. UK-based Optare PLC has introduced the Solo EV, a full battery-electric bus available in lengths of 8.1m, 8.8m and 9.5m and widths of either 2.3m or 2.5m. The buses feature an Enova Systems P120 AC induction motor rated at 120 kW and powered by two banks of Valence Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries. The two packs work in parallel and provide 307V with a total capacity of 80 kWh with the batteries kept in two steel crates set either side of the centrally mounted motor for excellent weight distribution.

    The bus can go up to 90 kmph. It has regenerative braking with the drive motor being used to slow the vehicle and recover energy to the batteries. This increases vehicle range and reduces brake component wear. An on-board charger can be plugged into a standard 3 phase outlet at the depot – a full charge can be achieved in less than 8 hours. Optional boost charging can be undertaken through the day either at the depot or using a suitable power outlet.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 2, 2009