• Fuel-powered BMW Snug transports like-minded people in a designer vehicle

  • bmw-snug_main.jpg
    In an attempt to boost up social interaction as well as reduce the pollution on roads, designer David Raffai has conceived the BMW Snug. Since the current pace of life is deterring us from bonding with family and community, such a product is specially designed for people who realize personal relationships and are different from others in their feelings and opinions. Prepared in accordance with the BMW group, this project has been highly appreciated by the company itself. This four seater roomy vehicle has been distinctively designed to exhibit changeable graphics on the sides. That’s a fresh change from the standard, cold metallic shades. Apart from being able to transport four people to their destination and in turn reducing carbon footprint, the greenest feature about the BMW Snug is that it is powered by a fuel cell. A green, spacious BMW that snuggly fits all its commuters!


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 23, 2009