• Chevrolet Beat to rock your world at 40mpg

  • beat.jpeg
    The recent oil price surge has got the automobile manufacturers in a jiffy, GM has almost stopped production of its Hummer brand and is reworking on a new breed of vehicle. GM is thinking hard about bringing this 40mpg car on our roads as soon as possible. Looking slightly like the Daimler AG Smart car, The ‘Beat’ would come in at about 138 inches, 11.5 feet in length it would be longer than the smart and boast a mileage of 40Mpg without using hybrid engines.

    You may have seen this concept model at the April 2007 Auto Show in New York. GM has no plans yet on setting up a production model as their engineer’s fine tune the design.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 5, 2008