• Brit Radio DJ Mark Goodier charges his Leaf with the sun

  • Nissan-sunny-1.jpg
    Nothing gets greener than an electric car that drinks juice from solar panels! We all know just how eco-friendly these electrics are, and hooking one onto a solar panel to charge up makes it a true-green way to transport indeed. Radio DJ Mark Goodier is now the first Briton to power up his electric with the help of solar panels. The 49-year-old owns the fully electric Nissan Leaf and has latched on 12 solar panels on the roof of his house that soak in enough from the sun to power up his car. The car takes around 8 hours to charge up and Goodier leaves it plugged in over the night and wakes up to a fully-charged electric car that delivers him a range of 100 miles on a full charge. The DJ did spend a good amount on the panels, about £12,500, though the government will pay him £1,200 per year for 25 years for the solar panels.

    Perhaps, Mark Goodier has struck upon the greenest way to get around on four wheels, and the idea seems practical enough for most car owners to adopt!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 25, 2011