• Bike Guide is a solar powered tour bus with bicycles for seats

  • Bike-Guide-concept.jpg
    Tour buses aren’t all that fun, and for those who’ve spent hours in one, touring around cities and such, know the fact that once in the bus, all you can experience of the places you visit is a measly glimpse from the window. A South Korean designer has come up with what could be the next best way to enjoy a tour in the near future. Called the Bike Guide, this tour bus powers up with solar energy and, besides taking tourists site seeing, also carries along bicycles that work as seats for the passengers. At bus stops and tourists spots, passengers can unhook the bicycles from the bus and go about exploring, while the bus recharges with solar energy!

    Though, we do hope the concept Bike Guide tour bus sports a GPS navigation system hooked up with the bicycles. Strayed tourists tend to dampen touring spirits.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 21, 2011