• Battery-powered FlyRad allows you to skate to your destination

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    Skating to work has never really been an option before. Dressed up formally with a briefcase in one hand, a cell phone in the other and a pair of roller-skates on your feet would sure as hell look silly, if not stupid. The FlyRad changes things though. This contraption packs just a single wheel that power up. To travel, you need to hold on to it with a pair of roller-skates on your feet. Probably inspired by kids holding on to garbage trucks for an easy skate around the neighborhood, the FlyRad comes in three sizes, one for adults, teens and children. The adult version uses a 500W motor powered by a 36v battery. Weighing in at 24kgs, this one boasts a maximum speed of 25mph. charging it for four hours allows for a 31 mile range!

    And if that’s not all, you can also have one of these fitted with a 1000W motor and a bunch of stronger batteries. A new mode of urban transport? Probably!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 9, 2010