• Australia goes eco-friendly with a new green airline network

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    Australia, known to have that huge hole in the ozone above their heads, have come to a firm decision on slashing annual carbon emissions by 122 million tones, while saving airlines 39 million kilograms of fuel a year. The plans for a new nationwide system of flight navigation were unveiled at a meeting of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation Annual General Meeting in San Diego, California, where Airservices Australia confirmed it had signed a major deal with navigation systems provider Naverus to roll out the world’s first nationwide Performance-based Navigation (PBN) network.

    Under the deal, Airservices Australia and Naverus are to implement so-called Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures at up to 28 major airports around Australia over the next five years. RNP systems are also known to improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon emissions and noise levels through the Continuous Descent Approaches.
    It seems that some procedures had already been successfully trialled by Australian airline Quantas at Brisbane Airport, where they resulted in average savings per flight of 125kg of fuel and 390kg of CO2, while also reducing flight times by over two and a half minutes.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 27, 2009