• Audi develops in-car system that communicates with traffic lights to reduce idling

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    Driving and electric car isn’t something to suit everyone’s taste buds, until we finally run out of fossil fuels and human kind has no other alternative means to get around that is. So, to keep the gas-guzzling folk happy, Audi has come up with a smart way to keep fuel consumption and carbon emissions low. The system, installed in a test Audi A6, literally hooks up with traffic lights in the vicinity and can help predict when a light is expected to turn green, keeping idling time to a minimum.

    The system is capable of shutting down a car at a red light and bringing it back to life, 5 seconds before the light turns green. And that’s not all! The system also tells the driver how fast or how slow to go in order to hit the next green light before it changes. Audi says that the system could save some 238 million gallons of fuel if used across Germany!


    [Via – Autoblog]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 13, 2014