• Aerolabe, the solar powered blimp is now being developed

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    Blimps are now seeing the light with the newest zeppelin with a technological twist being developed at an institute in France. Christened as the Aerolabe, this air ship is solar powered and kisses and hugs the environment with its green, clean and eco-friendly strategy. The vessel is designed by painter and sculptor Gaspard Schlumberger and is juiced up using solar energy. It also has a twist with the use of wings to assist flying. This design could pave the way for a clean and energy efficient mode to air transport and promises a zero carbon footprint. This blimp would cost around three and a half million Euros and will need engines that are energy efficient and consume lesser energy than contemporary one’s. So let’s wait and watch as this environment friendly blimp raises its clean and green head in the sky showing us the way for cleaner air transport in the future.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 18, 2010