• 69 year old Japanese rides wave powered boat from Hawaii to Japan

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    Some people simply rest on a futile argument; others travel the world to prove a point. A 69-year-old Japanese sailor Ken’ichi Horie has made a 6,400-kilometer (nearly 4,000 mi) journey from Hawaii to Japan in his wave-powered Suntory Mermaid II boat. The Suntory Mermaid II, a 9.5 meter (31 ft) long x 3.5 meter (11 ft) wide, 3-ton vessel made of recycled aluminum, does not use an engine for propulsion. Instead, it relies on a pair of fins under the bow that move up and down as the waves come in, propelling the boat forward.

    He was seen off the coast of Japan on July 2, after 108 days of his departure off Hawaii. It took him 5-6 weeks longer than expected, but seems he has made it proving that its not always power and speed that’s desired, perseverance pays many times over.

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