• UK fines heavily to promote recycling and reduce green house gas emissions

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    The next time you dumb your garbage in a bin, make sure you have it sorted well and dropped in the correct bin. Or else, you’ll probably burn a £1,000 fine in your pocket. Household waste like food scraps, tea bags etc in the wrong bin will have the family penalized. This forces families to use up to five different types of bins for waste separation and encourages picking up of recyclable products. This will also include the compulsory use of slop buckets to get rid of food waste. Environment secretary, Hilary Benn came up with this idea that will help reduce green house gas emissions.

    These strict and hefty rules are sure to raise a cry amongst taxpayers and residents. But these rules will also help increase the production and use of greener energy resources and at the same time, decrease those mounting piles in landfills.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on March 20, 2010