• Scrabble Tiles recycled in to Mac Keyboard to keep playing with alphabets

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    We have been covering stuff that is recycled out of paper, plastic, toys or other things like used parts of computers. However here is a working computer peripheral made out of real Scrabble tiles. The most treasured souvenir for any Scrabble fan, this keyboard was specially made for some avid Scrabble players by Datamancer. While most of the keys are real Scrabble tiles, the remaining few were custom-made to render the real look. They were all hand-crafted onto a USB, mechanical-switch keyboard. And since it was intended for a Mac system, the makers used brushed aluminum for the casing. Silver hardware trimmings render a touch of glam while the seam gives a industrialized twist to the word-game keyboard. You are never too old to play with letters or words….even as you work!!

    [Gizmodo] And [Neatorama]

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