• Recycled oil used to make French fries at McDonalds now powers delivery trucks

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    Well, oily French fries aren’t all that bad after all. Sure they make you obese, clog your arteries and make you suffer from various heart diseases. They also happen to power up vehicles too! In a bid to turn a shade greener, McDonalds UAE is using vehicles powered by biodiesel, made from recycled vegetable oil used to fry French fries in all the 80 outlets in the Emirates. Produced by Neutral Fuels, the biodiesel was first tested before finally being used to power up McDonald’s delivery trucks.

    A good move on McDonald’s part, though we’d like to see a lot more green being brought into the fast food industry. And then again, it wouldn’t hurt too much to hook up the roofs of McDonald’s restaurants around the globe to solar panels!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on July 6, 2011