• Recycle books to put up a Paperback Partition for privacy

  • paperback_partition_1.jpg
    With thousands of books being bought and read, have you wondered what happens to them after being discarded eventually. Though books don’t pose a hazardous threat to the landfills, it certainly makes sense if we can put them to a better use. Since most of us love to flaunt our collection on a books cabinet or special shelf, the idea of Paperback Partition will appeal to folks with clear eco-sense. Simply collect all the unwanted books and arrange them on a customized cabinet that plays a role of partition. Be it a partition between two rooms or simply a nerdy divider between yours and your colleague’s work table. Book lovers cannot settle on a better application of their old but dear-to-heart paperbacks.

    Such a tome partition is also supposed to render heat as well as acoustic insulation.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on November 26, 2008