• McDonald’s eco-friendly packaging packs style as well

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    They may be the overlords of junk food but when it comes to saving the environment from unnecessary pollutants, McDonald’s seems to fit snuggly in with the good guys. The brand will be rolling out eco-friendly carry-out bags, fountain drink cups and sandwich boxes in over 36,000 worldwide outlets, this year. The campaign will begin with the US outlets of the brand and will gradually branch out. The company has already committed to sourcing all its fiber-based packaging from recycled sources by 2020. This is the company’s first redesign since 2013 and clearly indicates that McDonald’s isn’t giving fashion and style a blind eye. Matt Biespiel, Senior Director, Global Marketing, said, “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made and initiatives like this are important to our customers who care about the planet.” As if the packaging wasn’t enough, the brand has also partnered with The Cabrera/Bentancourt organization to create fashion accessories that are themed around the packaging.

    The fashion accessories have been designed by a student from the Miami International University of Art and Design. Wearing food-themed accessories could pretty much be the swag of the future.


    [ Via : Mashable ]

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