• Heathrow Airport decides to recycle its food waste into fertilizer

  • Ever wondered where all that waste food from your airplane and the airport lands up? Mostly landfills, though waste food from the Heathrow airport will now serve a much better purpose. Waste like coffee grinds, potato peelings, egg shells and chicken bones that usually are thrown away from kitchens that prepare and serve food to around 180,000 passengers at Heathrow everyday, collected from all the caf├ęs and restaurants out there. All this will then be bundled up and sent to a recycling factory of Vertal in Mitcham, South London. After a 72 hour grueling process, all this waste is converted into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that will then be used on local farms.

    This surely helps Heathrow Airport offset a load of its carbon, with food waste recycling helping it achieve its 70% target by the year 2020. Indeed a green thought behind this initiative by Heathrow Airport.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on August 30, 2010