• Care to write on a chit recycled out of sheep’s shit?

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    With no offense to anybody, my header stands true to its suggestion. An U.K company is out on the fields to collect the sheep’s poo to recycle it into a tree-free paper. Though many may cringe at the thought of putting your pen down on a piece of paper derived out of a shit, I think it’s a wonderful creation that helps to save our trees and forests. The collected poo is completely sterilized by boiling and later beaten into a cellulose pulp. Using traditional techniques, the pulp is formed into sheets and heat pressed into usable paper.

    Manufactured in a range of colors, sizes and thickness, it can be used for almost all the possible jobs that a tree-based paper does. Like paper stock, business cards, posts, greetings, gift cards and many other applications too. This eco company also takes orders for making custom poo papers from your own sheep’s long job.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on November 26, 2008