• Biodegradable, Recyclable, Compostable bottles by Aquamantra

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    The one thing that folks carry with them during travelling is mineral water bottles. No one can trust tap water anywhere and so for years the amount of toxic that has been accumulating from these bottles would have been phenomenal. Somebody took notice and now the Southern California company Aquamantra Premium Bottled Water is bringing to market a water bottle that completely biodegrades into organic material within 250 days. They have introduced the world’s first 100% Biodegradable, Recyclable, Compostable (non-PLA) Plastic Bottle. According to their statement, the ENSO bottles are FDA approved PET 1 bottles that are not made of cornstarch or oxo-degradable and if they bottles end up in microbial landfills, the bottles will break down within 10 months into inert biomass and biogas through either an anaerobic (no oxygen, no light) or aerobic decomposition.

    How this really works is that the PET bottles being used now are organic in nature but the microbes don’t recognize them as food. ENSO developed an organic additive that sits next to the PET chain and attracts microbial colonization hence attracting the microbes to consume this ‘food’. Hence the new bottles maintain the same properties as traditional PET and can be intermingled with standard PET in recycling streams and programs.

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