• Andrea Ponti’s Life water-bag made from recycled paper is fully recyclable

  • life_container.jpg
    Centuries ago, human beings had no clue what a plastic bottle was. Instead, they used skin-made water bags to carry around water. With the world today being chocked by plastic waste every single day, designer Andrea Ponti decided to give us a better and environment friendly way to carry around water with the Life bag. This paper-made water container has been conceived for the Milano Expo 2015 and works as a one-time-use means to carry water. Made from natural cotton and recycled paper, this green bag is completely recyclable, keeping chemical inks and other harmful substances at bay.

    The attached chord makes it a whole lot easier to carry around too. For now, the designs limited for use at the Expo, though it sure seems an interestingly innovative and environment friendly way to packaging water too.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on May 20, 2011