• The Stealth: Eco-friendly, water conserving toilet by Niagara Conservation

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    The eco-friendly concept now steps into your bathrooms too. Water needs to be conserved, and using eco-friendly toilets and waterless sinks is one of the best ways of doing so. Well, to join the eco-friendly brigade, Niagara Conservation has come up with a toilet that saves a incredible amount of water. The toilet, known as the Stealth boasts a high efficiency and was recently Alex Wilson’s Cool Product of the Week. The Stealth is the only toilet in the world that uses just 0.8 gallons of water per flush.

    Using a patented hydraulic technology, the Stealth has a quite flush, saving 37% less water than a usual high efficiency toilet, though performing in the same manner. Energy is harnessed with water filling in the tank, and a patented air transfer system to pressurize the bowl’s trapway. A press of a button quickly, powerfully and quietly flushes and empties the bowl. Eco-friendliness for your toilet, the Stealth!

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