• The Lohan Green eco-friendly tooth brush by Lindsay Lohan’s mother

  • lohan-eco-tooth-brush.JPG Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina decided to go green and come up with something innovative and eco-friendly. This is exactly what she did by launching an environment friendly toothbrush. This was done in an effort to promote water conservation. Known as the Lohan Green Tooth Brush (its name sure makes it more appealing and star studded), this toothbrush is liquid-free. The device was launched at the Go Green Expo in New York on Friday by Dina Lohan herself, and I claims to save around two-gallons of water a day. The toothbrush was created by UTC Aquafree and uses a cartridge system. This supplies liquid toothpaste to the brush’s head.

    The Lohan Green Tooth Brush will sure help save those precious two gallons of water everyday that we would on normal occasions rinse our mouths with. Oral hygiene goes eco-friendly with this innovation.

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