• The Hula Washer does your laundry as you exercise

  • We’ve been constantly exploring ways to complete everyday chores in an eco-friendly way and designer Sang-soon Lee’s brainchild, the Hula Washer is one of them. A hula-hoop that doubles up as a washing machine of sorts, enabling you to do your laundry as you exercise, without the need of electricity, the Hula Washer is indeed a well-conceived idea that pretty much makes sense in modern day scenarios where people look forward to shortening electricity bills and keeping fit! All you need to do is use this clever washing machine as a regular hula-hoop after tossing your clothes inside and have them spin as you exercise! A 2012 Electrolux Design Lab entry, the innovative Hula Washer is an answer to physical fitness and laundry woes.


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