• Tesco to display carbon footprints on milk

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    It has been found out that methane from cows account for the biggest proportion of greenhouse gases. So for the first time in UK, Tesco will display full carbon footprint of milk which is one of the top selling products in the supermarket. Tesco is going to do this labeling on all the 500 products it markets. But this new labeling will not apply to organic milk because it has less greenhouse effect than the conventional ones. This move has been taken after a research found out that 50% of customers surveyed have now understood what exactly carbon footprints stand for. Wow! Talk about consumer awareness! The research also found out that consumers want to become more and more green. Tesco is already working towards for the reduction of these emissions along with the dairy industry and farmers through the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group and also the Dairy Centre of Excellence at the University of Liverpool. The Carbon Trust is working with Dairy UK to help the milk industry understand more about its carbon footprints as a route to greater reductions in emissions.

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