• Tesco throws open the doors of an eco-friendly supermarket in UK

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    Every time I stop by at the local supermarket to pick up my groceries and veggies, I speculate about the amount of energy the colossal store would be consuming to keep it well lit and at the correct temperature. But Tesco, UK’s supermarket giant is on its way to serve consumers as well as our planet by throwing open the doors of an eco-friendly supermarket in Manchester. Spread over 52,000 sq ft store, the supermarket boasts of many eco-friendly features that may lure eco-shoppers to stop by for shopping. Situated at Cheetham Hill, it has managed to cut down about 70% of carbon foot print than the other comparable stores. Refrigeration will come from an environmentally friendly carbon dioxide system, and will use 15% less than a normal cooler.

    The store’s lighting system is understood to be capable of dimming bulbs when it gets brighter outside and it has a checkout packaging area made from recyclable plastic. Also about 230 jobs have been created and allotted to locals.

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