• Study Finds Few ‘Brand Emission Leaders’ like Dell, BMW in UK

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    With countries committing themselves to cut down carbon emission and even setting up time bound targets and goals the onus now really shifts to heavy industry and business houses to take necessary steps to cut down emission drastically. Recent ‘Brand Emission’ studies in UK by a team of researchers show that there are very few brands and industries which have got down to cutting down emissions. Dell, BMW and Tesco are the new ‘Brand Emission Leaders’ but they are only handful few. Among 600 biggest brands of UK only 121 companies have set achievable targets to meet UK’s emission reduction goals by 2020.

    Well, this is disappointing news indeed. Without heavy industries and business houses serious initiative their government’s promises will remain only paper pledges and world will continue to choke on green houses gases. Recent news is US too is likely to announce emission cut at Copenhagen Climate change meet. Hope these leading nations like US and UK will take industry along and have proper policy in place to implement and achieve their goals and show way to other nations to cut down on emissions.
    Via Climatebiz