• Sprucing up your garden – some ideas from the future

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    Summer is the best time of year to spend hour after hour in your garden, soaking up the sun while relaxing and forgetting all your troubles (if you have any, of course). However, if you look at your back yard and see that it’s been neglected because of the unusually cold spring and winter which came before it, you might feel that you’re going to have to spend more time indoors, right?

    While there are at least a couple of months of fine weather to enjoy, there’s still time for you to fix that garden of yours, but what could you do to make it more habitable? Here are some suggestions of ways to make your garden look up-to-date:

    Something to pond-er

    [Image Credit: Elliott Brown]
    No large garden would look complete without a pond, but any old hole in the ground with a few fish might not be enough. As the above example demonstrates, for a square/rectangular garden space, a square pond could work, especially if you have a path nearby or a bench where you can observe the pond life at your leisure.

    Light it up

    [Image Credit: Crinklecrankle.com]
    If you’re in the garden at night, some illumination can make it seem a little friendlier. Garden lights come in many forms, but if you want some, it’s best to start off small. The above example is handy to have, especially if you’re hosting, say, an outdoor dinner party with your friends, or plan to spend an evening with your partner and need modest lighting to create a romantic setting.

    A perfect pod

    [Image Credit: Pod Space]
    Until now, if you wanted to be indoors yet feeling as if you were outside at the same time, you had to either buy a conservatory or sit in a glorified shed. Thankfully, it’s possible to have a sleek, stylish and sophisticated outdoor pod in your garden instead. A pod could be used as an office, lounge, bedroom or simply a quiet space to get away from the kids. The possibilities are endless.

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