• Solar powered heating system to keep passengers warm at the Leh Airport, India

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    We’ve stumbled across a few green airports before, the Le Castellet International Airport in the South of France and California’s Fresno-Yosemite International (FYI), using solar panels to power up. Well, the Leh Airport, India, joins the league too. This is one of the world’s highest airstrips, at 10,682-feet above sea level. Its air conditioning will soon be powered up using solar energy, with The Airports Authority of India (AAI) installing solar panels on the new terminal’s roof, generating around 100kW. This will be used to heat up water, which in turn will be circulated through coils and will keep travelers warm.

    The system will help keep the temperatures high at the cold desert’s airport. Costing around Rs. 50,000,000, the project will be completed over the next two years. Currently, electric and diesel-powered boilers are installed to keep the temperature pleasant. In winters, Kashmir is void of hydro-electricity, causing power shortages. A solar powered system will help keep the airport’s air conditioners plugged in and heated up.

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