• Eco-Desert Retreat, a sustainable vacation in the wilderness

  • Eco-Desert-Retreat.jpg
    A retreat out in a desert landscape can be a difficult dream to pursue, due to lack of electricity supply and water. American designer Michael Jantzen however has come up with an innovative way to vacation in a desert landscape. Called the Eco-Desert Retreat, aptly named for what it is, this set of structures includes small vacation retreat shelters and a bunch of support facilities, all sustainable and green. Using natural cooling methods, plenty of ventilation and shaded exterior decks just in case you prefer sitting outdoors and closer to nature, the Eco-Desert Retreat is a perfect way to vacation out in the wilderness. That’s not all. This one also packs a vertical axis turbine with a shaded bench underneath to generate electricity for the shelter.

    And the best part, when you’re done vacationing in the open, the Eco-Desert Retreat can simply be lifted and moved to a new place, without harming the eco system!

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