• BioTank’s robotic fish clean up your dishes and produce biofuel

  • electrolux_FishWasher.jpg
    So you aren’t allowed an aquarium at home, taken that your mother thinks you’re just too irresponsible to have a living creature depend upon you for survival. Well, here’s something that’ll keep you happy, and your Mom too! A bunch of robotic fish who obviously won’t bother dying, even with your lack of attention. Well, being immortal is one thing. These fish help do the dishes too! This sure will bring a smile on the faces of homemakers everywhere.

    All you need to do is finish up your lunch, dump your plate in the tank, and watch the robotic fish clean them up and turn the waste into biofuel. And if cleaning the tank bothers you, the BioTank needs no help with that either. It cleans itself up and requires no replacing of water. Designed by Akifusa Nakazawa, this fish tank dishwasher composting machine is indeed a gadget we’d love to have.

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