• 400,000 black colored balls to protect LA reservoir

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    Why do you think a group of water and power workers in LA decide to throw 400,000 black colored balls into the water? At first glance it may appear like some art work in action; however it’s more for the benefit of the people of L.A. Nothing could be better than shading. It is an action intended to protect the quality of L.A. drinking water and preventing it from becoming a health hazard. An abnormally high level of bromate was detected last year in the water reservoirs and this signaled the prevention measure.

    The water needs to be protected and in the shade because of its composition of bromate and chlorine – if exposed to large amounts of sunlight, it could cause a chemical reaction and in high levels can cause cancer. However experts claim that the level of bromated was too low even to affect a city dwellers health in a lifetime of water consumption.

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