• World’s first eco computer evolves in Dublin

  • eco_computer.jpg A few months back, the eco-blogosphere was buzzing with news about iameco, the world’s first eco computer. However, now it’s confirmed that this green system has been produced in Dublin. Built from biodegradable wood panels manufactured from waste products from the lumber and pulp industry, the iameco computer uses one third less energy than typical everyday computers. Also when out-of-use, this eco computer will not add on to the e-waste’s traumatizing mountain. The components of iameco are bio-degradable so when it hits the landfill, the wood gets wet, breaks down and new plants begin to grow from old computers. The biodegradable wood can also be used to manufacture the computer monitor casing, keyboard and mouse. So geeks with a green thumb can grab this eco computer to display their love for environment!