• With The Source harvests wind and solar energy to power up your gadgets outdoors

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    Carrying a wind turbine around to power up your trips outdoors hasn’t really been a great option before. Well, things are changing, for the better. Here’s a green product that will make sure all your gadgets are powered on while you spend time out, away from home and grid connectivity. The device designed by Cheng Peng, this little look alike of a full scale wind turbine keeps you powered up outdoors. No longer do you need to fear running out of charge on your mobile phone, when you’re camping out there, far away from civilization. The device, known as With The Source, powers up gadgets by harvesting solar and wind energy. With The Source also incorporates a LED torch, just incase you need a bit of light out there. This thoughtful little device is sure to keep you powered on outdoors.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 19, 2010