• With GenZ charge multiple devices at once and still save energy

  • GenZ-Eco-Charging-System.jpg How many times have you had a little fight waiting for your turn to charge your devices, be it phones or cameras. This could have either been due to a shortage of sockets or maybe the chargers or whatever other reasons, but with GenZ Eco Chargers, this big hassle seems to have been solved. It is a powermat that allows the charging of up to 4 devices simultaneously, and has 13 built-in connectors. So you don’t have to run around arranging for the special adapter for your gadgets right away. Also with its power control switch, the power supply is stopped the minute the charging is done. So you do not waste the precious energy and even save on costs on account of this.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on February 12, 2010