• Track your Electricity usage with Onzo

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    The start of every month always gives me the shiver since that is the time we get all sorts of bills for the previous month. Electricity is a very important and dicey subject of any conversation and I am always guilty of having over used power. With the present ‘green’ vogue that is going around, Onzo has come up with this amazing energy saving kit, that doesn’t really save energy, but subtly prompts you to do it. This smart energy saving kit is a small cool looking wireless device that can be placed anywhere in the house. With its ultra cool technology it senses the amount of electricity being used around the house and displays it onto the screen.

    It tracks the Watts used in real time and thus alarms you if you are over using or rather wasting the precious resource. It stores data for up to 10 years for reference and can even be plugged onto the computer to upload the statistics. The only question I have in mind is how the sensors in the device actually track the electricity used without being attached in some way to the device.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 18, 2010