• Toshiba introduces its fuel cell battery, the Dynario

  • Toshiba_fuel_cell_battery.jpg
    Dynario, the newly introduced fuel cell battery by Toshiba Corp is a magnum opus in the world of commercial batteries. Only 3,000 of these will be released by the company after which the company will release a new model. Besides fuel cells, the battery is made up of a large number of components including a controller IC chips, microcomputer and controller boards. It also has a rock hard chassis made of metal plates and other materials. This fuel cell battery is priced at a mere ¥29,800 (approx US$336), a small amount of money for a device of this ingenuity. The battery however can shed its weight and size by simply decreasing the number of fuel pumps and fuel valves and by integrating its controller IC chips. Toshiba deserves a pat on the back for fulfilling its customer’s expectations by rolling out the fuel cell


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