• The Novothink Solar Surge iPhone case that uses solar energy to power up the phone

  • solar_iPhone_battery_case.jpg
    We’ve heard of the Novothink Solar Surge solar panel equipped case for the iPod Touch before. This funky case used a lithium-ion polymer 1500mAH battery to soak up the sun. Here’s another similar case of the same type, this time round, it’ll power up the iPhone instead. It is integrated with a lithium-ion polymer 1320mAH battery. The new Novothink Solar Surge takes around two-hours to charge up the phone for a 30 minute talk time. That’s if you use the 3G version. The 2G version just takes an hour of sunbathing. The case also has a free application for your phone that tells you how much more juice the phone needs from the sun to remain powered up through the day.

    LEDs tell you how much power is left. These cases will burn a hole in your pocket though, with the iPod Touch case costing $70 and the new iPhone case for $80.