• The Healthier Pool Purifier uses solar power to clean pools

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    The sun trickles sweat on your brow, and the only option you’ve got to blow off that heat on a summer afternoon is to take a dip in your pool. Make sure its clean now with this new pool purifier. Simply known as the Healthier Pool Purifier, this system ensures that your pool’s water remains crystal clear and clean enough to spot the bottom of your pool. It reduces chlorine requirements by up to 80%, which means no more reddened eyes.

    Juicing up this system is a piece of cake. It uses an array of solar panels to power up that are located on the top. This enables the sun’s rays to provide a low-power current for an electrode coil in the water. A mineral electrode-insert for the coil releases ions that destroy algae and bacteria. These electrode-inserts last a year and collect iron and calcium too, making your water softer. The Healthier Pool Purifier costs around $349.95, for a solar powered cleaner pool and a nicer swim.

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