• Recharging alkaline batteries now a reality with the WattsClever charger

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    Behold! We bring you good tidings! Those dead batteries that just dropped out of your wall-clock are not destined for the trash can after all! You can now recharge them and give them a new lease to life! Regular alkaline batteries have always been thrown away, the moment the juice drains out of them. Now, with the WattsClever battery charger, you can charge up dead alkaline batteries! This clever little device with a well suited name uses a microprocessor to minutely control the trickle charge to keep the batteries from overheating. It also charges Ni-Cd or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Imagine all the waste you could probably save and the money too, by recharging your dead batteries instead of having to throw them away and buy new ones!

    There’s no news as of now as to how long these recharged batteries will live. The device will cost you $46, and this sure seems to be a good price for all those future savings.

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