• Panasonic’s solar charging table powers up your devices without wires

  • Panasonic-solar-charging-table-1.jpg
    Wires cause a mess. No matter how much you try hiding them away or “neatly” tucking them away, they always show up and raise their ugly springy heads, ripping away the aesthetic beauty of your living space. Wireless devices are the best way to stay organized without a mess on your table top. Now you can charge your hand-held portable devices wireless too! Panasonic has developed a charging table that not only works wirelessly, but also soaks up the sun to power up your devices with renewable energy! Compatible with up to 60 brands, the table helps save up on all the energy you probably might’ve wasted by plugging into the grid.

    The table uses the Qi charging standards and Panasonic is currently planning on developing Qi-compliant battery packs for different brand devices too.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 14, 2011