• MSI announces world’s first power-saving technology Super Idle

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    MSI today announced the latest power-saving technology called “Super Idle” at the Computex 2009. Some people may think when they shut down the system then there is no power consumption anymore, but the truth is the system still uses the standby power unless you plug it off. Now it’s been changed by MSI “super Idle” technology. The MSI “super Idle” technology drives 50% power saving for the system, and it works in every standby mode such as S3 (standby), S4 (Hibernate), and S5 (Shutdown). The cutting edge innovation makes MSI mainboard to be the first one which is compliant with 2013 ECO product.

    This brand new technology brings the first power-saving on system standby mode, and works with the industry leading DrMOS and APS (Active Phase Switching) technology in order to become the best ECO provider in mainboard industry.

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