• Membrane distillation system powered by solar energy being developed

  • solar_pond_distillation_system.jpg
    Solar heat trapped at the bottom of a solar pond and used to power a membrane distillation system using an artificial salt –gradient stratification process is being worked on by Fransico Saurez. Using solar energy, the system desalinates water and makes it drinkable and free from salts and impurities. This system will help maintain the ecological balance of closed-basin lake regions. In places like these, due to the high amount of
    evaporation and no out-flow of water, a high concentration of minerals and salts behind, rendering the water inconsumable.

    At the lower levels of the pond, the hot brine can exceed temperatures of up to 195 degrees. This heat energy is used to heat the water in this system. This system will help out save on costs and energy resources. The heat energy obtained will also have other uses like desalinization of water and other thermal applications. This low cost membrane system has been patented recently by the University of Nevada.

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