• Liquid tree maps the hot water wastage in the shower

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    Sine water conservation has become as essential as energy conservation; we can see an upsurge in gadgets that help us to keep a tab on the volume of water used while soaking under the shower. Designer Jia Yi Lin has conceptualized an exceptional product, dubbed Liquid Tree, to present the real data of water waste. Users can interact with the Liquid Tree display, and receive the feedback from it. Inspired by Brendan Dawes’s Book “Analog in, digital out: Brendan Dawes on interaction design”, and the art of ink bleeding on the paper, Jia was also inspired by form of iPod to shape up this water saving device. As of yet, it is designed to measure the hot water wastage only. However in the future, it can be tweaked to measure cold water too.

    Here is a brief on the working of this device in designer’s own words – “Potentiometers act the role of water tags, which refer to the degree of hot water used. Push-pull switch (drop shape) exchanges between 2 layers. And the other Push-pull switch (round angle rectangle) controls the motor to run backwards, lifts the liquid level back to the original level. Steppers respond to the (Hot water tag) pot controller. When turns on more hot water, the motor runs faster. The liquid level falls in a faster speed, vice versa.”

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