• HabiTEQ energy saving wireless system developed by GE and EnOcean

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    We’ve come across smart-building energy-saving technology by IBM before. Now, General Electric has teamed up with German technology company EnOcean for yet another intelligent building-energy monitoring system that will help boost building energy efficiency. Targeted at commercial and residential buildings, the system uses a bunch of automated technologies to keep close tabs on energy usage. Also, the technology requires no batteries and wires whatsoever, allowing it to be placed in inaccessible areas of buildings, out of the way of residents. Called HabiTEQ system, this one runs a building’s lighting, heating, ventilation, blinds and security wirelessly.

    And given the fact that the whole system keeps wires at bay, the HabiTEQ can also be used in historic buildings helping preserve aesthetic beauty as well as energy efficiency!
    [GE Newscenter]

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