• Eco-Lantern, Franklin Gaw’s plant-growing portable light-source

  • Eco-Lantern.jpg
    We’ve known lanterns to shed light. We’ve never seen one that grows a little plant inside, until now. Designer Franklin Gaw’s design, the Eco-Lantern, does just that. Besides serving the primary purpose of lighting your path ahead, the Eco-Lantern also works as a complete bio-environment for a little plant that grows in its belly. The top of the lantern comes apart, enabling you to reach inside and set up the plant with pebbles for water retention, moist soil, moss and finally the plant itself. The light from the lantern provides for the plant inside and lights up the surroundings as well, encouraging you to grow greenery in a subtle way.

    Probably a bunch of flexible solar panels integrated in this one to generate renewable energy to power up this one would do a lot more good too.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 11, 2011