• Battery powdered Miele Hybrid vacuum cleaners to help you clean wirelessly and effortlessly

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    If you struggle with frequent load shedding or are just plain environment friendly and want to restrict the use of electricity in your daily chores, why not move to an energy efficient vacuum cleaner instead? Miele Hybrid is said to be the first vacuum cleaner that can work with lithium-ion batteries, for a chord-free cleaning experience. You can charge the lightweight and powerful lithium-ion batteries automatically by using the power chord. These batteries are clean and can last for 10 years. It also guarantees enough power to the 1,800 watt motor, so that you can clean with the same efficiency. They require 3-hours to charge. Once charged, the batteries can be used for a non-stop 20 minutes without power assistance.

    The cleaner also pulls the plug on overheating; the motor stops automatically at a particular temperature and restarts only when cooled down. The Hybrid comes with an AirClean filter, HyClean FJM bags with 9 levels of filtration, a 9-meter cleaning range, 3 multi-directional casters, metal telescopic tube and 3 cleaning nozzles accessible due to the VarioClip system. Weighing 6.3kgs, the maximum sound levels are set at 77 dB for AC and 69 dB for battery operations. Available in silver finish, the Hybrid is priced at around $1,055.

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