• Ashcraft Aria headphones made from recycled materials make music eco-friendly

  • Ashcraft-Aria-headphones-1.jpg
    The audiophile has now a lot more to look out for, especially if the individual in particular loves the environment, just as much as music. Designed by Britt Ashcraft for Ashcraft Design, the Ashcraft Aria headphones are sincerely green, taken that they use recycled materials in a combination. These headphones also use an advanced audio technology, making use of wood recycled from broken down acoustic guitars. The headband uses that wood, while the satin spun finished ear cups are made from reclaimed aluminum. Using leather from reclaimed bags, jackets and other articles of clothing for the lining, these headphones use 40 millimeter titanium-plated drivers for crystal clear sound.

    Rest assured, slipping these headphones on will give you a musical experience unlike any other that too in an eco-friendly green recycled way.

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